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May 05, 2019 By HILLARY CLARK

The company started out at the foot of Mont Blanc, where it invented the first-ever tubular motor. This pioneering control system gave birth to automated blinds and curtains and marked the end of crank handles and ushering in electric roller shutters, screens, awnings and blinds.

Following the founding years are the advent of Somfy radio technology (RTS), motorised systems for homes, and partnerships with other brands.
The RTS is considered as one of the company’s biggest breakthroughs. With radio technology being integrated into its motors, Somfy has made roller shutters, window blinds, and awnings conveniently operated by remote control. 

This huge success has inspired Somfy to continue devising innovative solutions. At present, it has more than 2,000 patents including quiet and connected motors, mobile apps to easily manage homes, and smart solutions that will redefine the homes of tomorrow.

Additionally, the company offers its products and services in over 50 countries including Singapore. This worldwide presence has provided millions of users with expert quality home automation in Singapore and beyond. Controls for motorised blinds, motorised curtains, venetian blinds, window curtain, outdoor blinds for balcony, window blinds… name it, and Somfy probably has it.

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