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Dental Bridges

by Alexander Khabensky on

If you have a missing tooth or multiple teeth missing, dental bridges can be a good way to improve your appearance since your dental bridge cost is more affordable than other options.... Read full article

Upper Endoscopy in New York

by Shawn Khodadadian on

The Gastroenterologists at Manhattan Gastroenterology offer endoscopy screening in NYC (including bowel cancer screening), diagnosis and treatment for diseases that affect any part of the digestive system.... Read full article

Back Pain Doctor NYC

by Febin Melepura on

Back pain relief is one of the most common reasons people seek a doctor’s care. Back pain NYC treatment requires extensive knowledge and experience to deliver the appropriate treatment for back pain that serves your needs.... Read full article

Hymenotomy in Brooklyn

by Dmitriy Bronfman on

A hymenotomy is a minor surgical procedure that involves removing part or all of a woman’s hymen.... Read full article

Oral histamines- the best allergy medicines


Allergies are a result of the abnormal immune response of the body to a foreign body. Among all the allergy medicines available in the market, oral histamines are the most commonly prescribed allergy medicines. ... Read full article

Dental Veneers

by Farzin Farokhzadeh on

The procedure for veneers is relatively quick and usually accomplished in two visits. After discussing your needs and desires regarding your smile, your Sunday dentist in the Yonkers takes X-rays and impressions of your teeth.... Read full article

Fibroids Symptoms

by Parviz Soomekh on

Fibroid symptoms are not always obvious. However, if you’re experiencing noticeably painful cramps or PMS symptoms that cause you to miss work or school, these could be signs of fibroids.... Read full article

Hysteroscopic Myomectomy in Staten Island

by Dmitriy Bronfman on

MyoSure fibroid and polyp removal procedure is a safe and easy method of removing any submucosal fibroids and polyps from the uterus.... Read full article

Bunion Surgery in New York

by Sophia Solomon on

Your NYC bunion removal specialist Dr. Solomon offers a variety of the newest bunion treatment options.... Read full article