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Sing-Guarantee is the easiest way to find No Security Deposit Apartments. Sing-Guarantee is the first and only service company to offer a rental deposit guarantee without the need for cash deposit as commonly practiced in rental agreements. Sing-Guarantee is a service company incorporated and operating in Singapore. Each Sing-Guarantee Certificate is fully backed by an equivalent cash amount deposited with the largest Singapore bank (AA-rated) and managed by an independent Escrow Agent, which is regulated by the by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).



Sing-Guarantee | Rental Deposit Guarantees Provider

Sing-Guarantee | Rental Deposit Guarantees Provider

in Escrow Services

Sing-Guarantee is the only company in Singapore to provide rental deposit guarantees, which is an alternative to placing a cash deposit with the landlord for rental of a property. Don't freeze your cash when renting.


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